Does making a case for a stock always equal cheerleading? One reader thinks so:

I understand that The Motley Fool may have an incentive to published biased articles such as this one that does not look at all of the facts of a situation and comes out as a cheerleader for a particular stock.

Taking a stand on a stock can be informative if you score yourself, which is exactly what we do at TMF. My “score" (i.e., the record of my best and worst calls) is available for all to see at Motley Fool CAPS.

Granted, CAPS doesn’t mirror my real-money results. But anyone who wants to can also see the entirety of my cash portfolio by clicking here. I also post the results of a real-money portfolio each week.

Cheerleading (or bashing) is what you get when an anonymous, unaccountable writer goes off on a stock and then disappears. That’s not me. I’m not going anywhere.

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