"We started a Web site, but NBC refused to let us put the address on any of our ads because they didn’t want people to know the Internet existed. They were worried about losing viewers to it."

Judd Apatow in The Oral History of Freaks and Geeks. 1999 ruled. (via amandalynferri)

Sums up the entertainment industry pretty well. (via parislemon)

In a way, they were right (ratings as a whole are down, people aren’t watching TV as much), but in another way, this was so shortsighted. (via shortformblog)

MY TAKE: What if executives hadn’t been so shortsighted? Would we have Netflix today? Doubtful, I think.

(via shortformblog)

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Do you believe in Netflix yet? I do. Here’s why.


One more post today, if only because I’m geeking out over the new Web series Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome, a prequel to the reimagined TV series produced by Syfy and Machinima and broadcast via YouTube. To me, it’s precisely the sort of original programming that makes YT’s custom channels so amazing.

So why you should care about this as an investor? Simple: Every time an amazing new series debuts on YouTube it proves that, like Netflix and Amazon, the platform is every bit as capable as a cable or satellite operator when it comes to distributing great content.

Concrete proof that it would be stupid for Netflix to sell right now

According to the latest data from Sandvine, Netflix now accounts for 32.9% of “downstream” prime time Internet traffic. YouTube ranks next at 14.8% while Amazon nets just 1.8%. Why sell when you have this large an advantage? More importantly, why sell when your core business is trading on the cheap?

Source: Sandvine via AllThingsD